Monday, July 19, 2010

Book Review: And Thereby Hangs a Tale

This is a typical Jeffrey Archer book which hooks you on right from the first page. It's a collection of 15 short stories that he has written during his world tour. Out of 15, 10 Stories are apparently based on true incidents while other 5 are pure creation of Archer's imaginative mind. One of the stories "Caste-Off" is about an Indian couple. As the name suggests, the story is about inter-caste marriage and what happens to them later on. Archer says - “The collection is about my experience during the past six years, out of which the story of an Indian couple is the most fascinating and touched me the most.”

This collection is, as usual, very well written and a page-turner. There is something about his stories, they are always refreshing, in line with the current trends and never fail to end with a twist. However this time, many of the stories have a semi-predictable feeling, something we are not used to from Archer. Having said this, the book makes for a light and easy reading and most of the short stories are quite delightful. The stories which I personally liked the most are: The first story - 'Stuck on You', 'Members Only' and the last one 'Caste-off'.

Finally, for diehard Archer fans (like me) its a must read book :-))

Till I come back with another post, Happy Reading.


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