Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just cannot Thank Enough to my Teachers!!!

Since I have started blogging, I have made it a practice to write a post every weekend. However last weekend, I gave it a miss. Mainly because I was working on last weekend and it was not an off. The other reason I think was, I don’t want to make anything predictable... So no weekly routine anymore for writing.

Well.. I cannot miss this weekend. It is 'Teachers Day' today. This post is Teachers Day Special. It is dedicated to all the teachers who have made my life and helped me in many ways to be a better person.

I know this post is going to be very long... because I don’t forget my teachers and I want to recall something or other about each of them... So be patient...

My journey as a student began at 'Sachchidanand Vidyalaya' in Captaingang. A small town in Kushi Nagar district of UP and around 40 KMs from Gorakhpur. It was mission school with 'Father' / 'Brother' / 'Sister' culture. Very serene place situated at the bank of a canal. Giant eucalyptus trees... surrounded by fields... Aaahhhhh...I still miss that place. And there, I met my first teachers...

Oh God... It has been almost 14 years since I left that place... but those faces are still fresh in my mind.

Sister Helen was my favourite... Worked a lot on my English. Thanks to her that I am writing today. Maxwell Sir... used to tell stories...with full imaginative animations. Thanks to Kailash Sir for Biology and Ramsurat Sir for Sanskrit... My favourite subjects then. I melted a plastic funnel in Science lab in 7th std and still escaped un-punished. :-) Thanks to Kushwaha Sir for his Maths and Science. Thanks to Rajkumar sir for his Geography and Yadav Sir for my ‘Shhuddha Hindi’.

Special mention for Laxmi Sir for bearing my pathetic Arts. He once asked me: “How can you get 100 in Maths & Science and manage only 29 out of 50 in Arts. Don’t you think about it?”. My answer was simple: “Sir I think a lot. But only problem is that I am not able to reproduce my fantastic imagination on the paper :-)” He was speechless on this fearless (shameless) answer.

Thanks to all the teachers of that small school. I never came second in any of the class in that school because of them. Even if I am not mentioning all of them, I still remember them.

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.

I enter my 9th std and door opens for me at ‘M. G. Inter College, Gorakhpur’, probably the most respected college in Gorakhpur for State Board. Only problem was... It was not a Co-Ed school ;-) Still... parents used to die to get their ‘Suputra’ admitted in this college. Here I came across one of the most worshipped teachers.
Even if I was a ‘
Science/Maths’ student, this was the time when I started taking a greater interest in Literature..... English, Hindi & Sanskrit equally... Thanks to Mr. S C Tripathi (Kabir) and Rohitashva (Shakespeare). I cannot forget my Maths teacher.. The ever smiling .. Advani like creature Mr. Shyam Bihari Srivastava.
The problem that I cannot recall most of the names of my teachers here is, everyone was given a nick name. I remember their faces, their nicknames but not the actual name. HCL & K2ML were Chemistry teachers. DNA was for biology, Pascal for Physics and so on.

Thanks to all of them..

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

Another four years and I enter a ‘Sarkari’ type college in Allahabad, with a dream to be an ‘Engineer’.
These were the most important four years of my life. The most enjoyable, the most productive, the most exciting... and so on.

Being an Engineering college, it was again Co-Ed. The attention was bound to be shifted from Literature to a more beautiful creature of nature. :-) Girls in my college were very talented. They had Brains. It is commonly said that Beauty is always inversely proportional to the Brain. Well... I have already said that ‘Girls in my college had Brains...' And what about Beauty?? Well... That lies in the eyes of the beholder. :-)

Well... Now to teachers....
Here I came across some of the teachers who influenced me a lot.
The introductory lecture from Dean Mr R P Singh... God... his voice was so Intimidating and Influencing at the same time. He taught us ‘
Professional Communications’ and re-ignited my liking for English... in particular novels.

Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.

Principal Rohatgi Sir was another gem of a person. For every problem, however small it may be, we used to go to his home and complain. He used to listen to us patiently and provide his maximum support. Though he was The Principal and was bound many regulations, he always extended his personal support to us.
He once asked me to read a satire ‘
Raag-Darbari’ by ‘Pandit SriLal Shukla’ if I get time. I read it after leaving the college and understood fully why he wanted me to read it. This was the way of a great teacher to make me learn a lesson.

In second semester, another person joined our college who has/will have an everlasting impression on my life.Mr Chiranjeev Kumar, Lecturer, Computer Science & Engg. Dashing, Dynamic, Smart, Handsome.. I can go on and on... with the adjectives girls would use for him. But for me, He was a perfect Gentleman... a role model... who would be less of a teacher and more of a guide cum friend in my coming days of college. In his first lecture only, he was matter of talk. Not a single proxies... he used to take roll call by names. And soon attached faces with those names. Against his wish, I changed my branch and took Electronics in 2nd year. He still reminds me of that. :-)I may be politically in-correct here... But I have no qualms in admitting that it was CK Sir who helped us the most to secure a good job. Those 4-5 people working for Campus Placement will always be indebted to you. Thanks a lot CK Sir.

Another Big thanks to my Electronics Engg department, Tripathi Sir, C P Singh Sir and ever smiling Satya Prakash Sir (for always listening patiently to the departmental problems with mental students)
Dixit Sir, Ashutosh Sir, Rastogi Sir, K B Singh Sir, Shatrughna Sir... everyone out there at IERT deserves a big Thank you from me.

I am feeling so nostalgic now that I can’t write anymore... However what I am planning is a certain visit/call to the above mentioned people. They deserve a lot more than this.


Signing off now.... Till next time....


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  1. Great blog... But how can you forget our favourite H.P. Shukla sir and in Academic Dept. Mahesh Mishra sir.
    One thing i would like to add here is the teachers of I.E.R.T had these great qualities of turning their students into the great human beings than great engineers, technochrats or entrepreneurs.

    I salute to all of them... And i think u tried to be politically correct while saying ur batch had "beauty with brains". hehehehe... It seems u had/hav crush on someone that is why u are saying like this.