Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Time to Look back... How Important is TIME?

Another week passed by and it’s the time for me to write another post.

For last couple of weekends, I have made it a habit to write a post on my blog. Many of you must be thinking why I write only on weekends. The reason is simple; I get time only on weekends.

The last week was pretty un-usual for me. I was NOT overloaded with work...
I had the time to visit my colleauges' cubicles and to get to know what they are up to...
I was surprised to know that most of them were also not that busy (sometimes, including my Boss :-).

One day, I even managed to get out of office at 18:00 Hrs sharp, of course without letting anyone know that I am leaving :-).
I had the time to visit one of my friend at his new flat and to celebrate his daughter's birthday party.
It is always good to take some time out of your regular schedule and then make the most out of it.

Sometime I think whether TIME is the rarest thing in this world...?
Yes it is...
We often dream of many things... But most of the dreams remain unfulfilled and we blame 'Arre Yaar.. Time nahi hai'

Yes... time is a rarity, its not in ample amount... But we need to create it.
The week passed by has taught me something. I need to create time. Time for me, my friends, my family and for people around me.

Just look back at the college days... Time used to stop when we were in college.
We used to sit in a room... and spent long hours discussing trivial issues... The topic can be anything... be it boring classes, irritating professors, Girls' hostel or Canteen food.
Those winter nights spent with friends, covered in quilts and blankets... Those Bak-Bak... pulling each-others legs... Those were one of the best days.

Off-late I have been accused of being 'Too Busy'. Because often I am not able to catch up with my friends or family members.
Yes they are right... I am not sure when was the last time I called a friend just to get to know how he/she is doing?
Of course.... I do call my friends.. But these days, calls are limited to 'Happy Birthday', 'Happy New Year' and some other ‘Happy’ moments.

This can also be blamed to latest trends in Service Industries in India, specially IT Industries. Wherein the family or personal life of an employee is not given the due importance when compared to the professional life.
I have been hearing a term called 'Work Life Balance' for quite some time now in the office...
Alas... Its only good to talk about not to implement.
Project deliveries, Deadlines, crunch schedule... all contribute to late working hours... and ultimately, this leads to minimal or No social life. I am afraid this is becoming a serious problem, mainly in India.

I just thank God that I got enough time to think about it... and look back what I have been missing.

Tomorrow will be a new day and I will call my friends... Before another monotonous week starts, I will have enough time for catching up with friends and family.

Now... off to a lighter topic.

It was a mix day for me. I got up late (read it very late) and got a call from home as soon as I got up...
Mom somehow got to know that I was sleeping till 12 Noon. (Mothers always know what their children are up to).
And the result..? I got a good solid scolding session on various things.
(You are getting up now..? so.. you didn’t have breakfast till now..? Don’t skip your breakfast.. When will have your lunch..? You should take care of your eating habits and eating time... blah-blah-blah...)

Now... stop laughing at my condition...
I must say...It was good. Once in a while I deserve it ;-) This reminds me that I really need to take care of these things.

In football, Manchester United thrashed Wigan 5-0 at DW Stadium. Wayne Rooney scoring his 100th goal in the 'Reds' jersey. In Cricket, England performed well in the fifth and decisive Ashes Test against Australia. Insha’Allah, they will win also. In Formula 1, it was a bad day for Ferrari.... their replacement for Felippe Massa was no match for him and finished last on the grid in Valencia. Hoping for a better day for Ferrari and Force India F1 teams in tomorrow's race. Only time will tell.

Festive season is starting with 'Ganesh Festival' and holy month of 'Ramazan'.

With 'Swine-Flu' effect still looming large in Pune, these festivities are bound to be a low key affair. I am already missing those grand 'Pandals' and 'Lights' and 'Decorations' done for 'Ganesh Mahotsav'.

Tomorrow... I have to accompany my friend/roomie to get him a new Mobile set. Seems he has finally decided to take a new one which was long overdue.
Well... It’s worth mentionable here that he has been planning to take a new mobile for last couple of years and I would not be surprised if he again changes his mind overnight. :-)
Komet... Are you listening? Now get over with it. Once and for all... :-)

Finally, a note of thanks to the Media. They have done a good job in restricting the panic of 'Swine-Flu' among 'Aam Junta'. And not creating an Over Hyped situation by standing with cameras at the gate of 'Sassoon Hospital' day in and day out. Sincere thanks to you guys.

I hope... the coming week will also be a less hectic one for me.

Till then....


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  1. You gave me another topic to write a blog for Time Management--> Work Life balance...will soon write abt that...anyways urs blog was good...hope soon it will become 2 a week