Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's Spread Awareness and Not Swine-Flu

Another week passed by.... another very busy week..
Thank god, it is over.. I had been slogging like dogs in this week...Even dogs would be sleeping more time than me these days...
Anyway... that’s what I am being paid for.. So cannot complain much... and that too in this recession time :-)

Life has never been so dull for me...
My 'so called' social life has been cut to zero... I have become a 'Couch Potato' these days...
My activities has been limited to just a two way journey of 'Home to Office' and vice-versa.
All these, courtesy a certain 'Mr. Swine Flu' who is on tour of Pune.

Pune has been paralyzed by this tiny monster. The fear is getting under the skin of Pune-ites. People are troubled 'less by this Virus' and 'more by the panic'. Sneezing and coughing has become a crime and people doing so are being treated as terrorists.
Off late, the situation has improved. Government authorities have finally got into action. My office management also contributed and distributed masks to every employee. However, they contributed towards another symptom of 'Swine-Flu'. Every one complained of 'Breathing Problem' after wearing the masks.
Pune has been 'Talibanised' these days. You cannot find a pretty face on the streets of Pune, for which it was once famous.
Everyone has hidden him/herself behind a veil.
Most of us have finally come to terms of it and deduced that 'Crating awareness and keeping cleanliness is the only solution to fight H1N1.'
Dont spread rumours, spread awarenes.

On a brighter side, there are some advantages too.
people have suddenly become aware of etiquette and cleanliness. Most of my office colleagues have been avoiding confined spaces like elevators and rather opting to take stairs. If you wanna bunk any boring meeting or a lecture from your boss, just sneeze mildly and excuse yourself... No one gonna bother you.

There was a certain rumour of our offices getting shutdown for a week, on similar terms of 'Mexico Model'.
Wow.. a week of leave.. but this turned out to be a pure rumour only.
We tried to confirm it with our manager and he calmly said that (with an Ear-to-Ear Grin) 'Even if the offices are shutdown, we will be working from Home or Worse, go to Hyderabad and work from Hyderabad office.' As if Hyderabad is on a different planet and people out there are immune to this virus.

Anyway.. no more discussions on 'Swine-flu'... Let’s fight it and not spread it.

Back home, my family is always troubled by these incidents.
When I was in Mumbai, it was the hub of all activities. Within a week of landing in Mumbai, Mumbai faced the heaviest rain of the century. 26-July. I can never forget that disaster. Then it was Local Train Bomb Blast.. Another heavy rain, MNS activities and then worst of all..Terrorist activities.
It seems that I have taken my bad luck to Pune with me. Can’t help it.

I have somehow passed almost half of my weekend.. The remaining half would also be passed.. Watching TV and reading novels.
Thank god, English Premier League (Football Season) has started this week and this would be weekend time pass for next 8-9 months.
There was some scintillating football on display by the young Gunners (Arsenal)... Cash rich Manchester City also won and gave some hope of money-back.
Chelsea also won their match, courtesy a superb added time goal by Drogba. United and Liverpool are playing tomorrow.

In Cricket, Sussex won T-20 league in England defeating Somerset. And 'The Wall' Rahul Dravid would be (probably) making a comeback in the Indian ODI squad for Sri Lanka tri-series and Champions Trophy.

Finally, Happy Independence Day to all the Indians. Our PM has assured us not to get panic of H1N1 or drought situation. I am taking his words and going to sleep now.

P.S.: I came across this quote somewhere and found interesting in the present context.
'20-30 people died of Swine Flu and everyone is running to wear N95 masks. Millions of people die of HIV AIDS and no one bothers to wear a condom.'

Think about it.


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  1. Guess my dear Anand is bit by the Politics bug :-D